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What we chose and what we are born into.


The communities that I belong to vary, when I think about it I’m apart of multiple communities because I was born into them, rather than because I sought them out. I’m a military brat and so that makes me part of the armed forces community I know what is like to grow up and have to move around constantly and I have and instant bond with other military brats because of that. Although now that my father has retired I am learning that there exists a community within a community. I recognize that while I am part of the military community I am a part of the retired military and that is distinctly different from the enlisted community.

As an African American I am also part of the multiple communities solely based off birth, obviously I am part of the African American community, but I am also part of the community of minorities that exists within that US. Being part of these communities affect my life in different ways. I am part of a culture that is separate from min stream society. There are rules and duties that exists from members of these communities, that consciously or subconsciously I obey. I also understand that as a member of these communities I may have boundaries that wouldn’t exist for the majority. Being the person I am while I understand that these boundaries exist, I don’t let the hinder me from accomplishing what is important to me. Being a part of the African American and minority communities are an important part of my life; they have dictated many things that occur in my life. They are also two of the three communities that are evident by my appearance.

Then there are the communities we chose to become part of. Having served almost four years at Bryn Mawr, I can safely say that I am a part of the Bryn Mawr community. I may not always agree with different aspects of this community, but in having chosen to come here I made a conscious decision to become part of this community. Also in being part of the Bryn Mawr community I am part of a community of scholars. In my life there exist other communities similar to Bryn Mawr that I have chosen to become a part of. POSSSE is one of those communities, as well as a Summer Search.

Until now I’ve mainly focused on local communities. An important community of which I am a member is the American community. This community is a very important part of my life and having been born here in the United States it is also a based purely from birth. Right now on a global level this community is under a lot of criticism and while I don’t agree with some of the decisions that have been made on my behalf and the behalves of other Americans is doesn’t diminish my connection to this community. My final community is also purely based upon birth as well as being the third community that is evident by my appearance. This is my membership in the community of women, with out membership into this community I wouldn’t be here at Bryn Mawr and it like other communities that I am associated with has stereotypes and boundaries that are placed upon it. In becoming educated I and woman every work to annihilate the stereotypes and boundaries placed upon us.

These are my communities. Although some of them I was born into and others I chose to become a part of I will always be a member and they will continue to affect my life in both positive and negative ways.

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Nice. I thought what you

Nice. I thought what you said about rules and duties for different communities was interesting. Clay Shirky has a lot to say about that. Here's one of his articles. He has more about blogging and culture. An interesting observer of online group dynamics, which, of course, apply to offline groups too.

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